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Asra Q Mat

Providing you the best range of liquid soap dispensers, auto flush, auto taps, wall hair dryers, stainless steel dust bins and hands clean station with effective & timely delivery.

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Product Details:
BrandSnap Marketing Private Limited

First step to hygiene and cleanliness:
  • No amount of washing, rinsing etc would be of any use unless the hands are first thoroughly soaped and the hands rubbed together

What should be used, soap bars or liquid soap:
  • Apparently either should be OK though the chances of some dirt, germs, bacteria etc remaining on the bar after the previous user has used it is always there
  • Similar problem, though to a lesser extent, could be there with the use of manual push-button soap dispensers as well (the palm pushing the plunger)
  • Ideally, the use of an automatic liquid soap dispenser would eliminate all problems of cross-contamination

Qmat liquid soap dispensers have the following features common to all:
  • Premium brand, aesthetically designed and built tough to give several years of satisfactory service Components machined from extruded brass and bodies fabricated in thick, 16G stainless steel
  • Uses positive displacement method to deliver a fixed quantity of liquid soap
  • Some models have a level view-window
  • The manual models are single-hand operation, i.e. press by palm of hand & have liquid soap delivered in same hand
  • You can use your own brand of liquid soap

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Product Details:
Dimension L801 x W423 x H614mm
BrandCera, Parryware, Roca

This is the scene in the best of toilets which do not have an auto flushing system. If this is the scene at your toilet, your customers may not come back again.

Improve Hygiene:
  • Generally no one operates the manual flushing lever so it is important that flushing takes place automatically every time the facility is used
  • Auto-urinal-flush ensures this happens

Optimal use of Water:
  • Therefore, it uses just enough water to flush clean effectively
  • This installation is specially important when limited water is available

  • The user does his job and moves on
  • he auto-flush does its job and stays put

Cost Effective:
  • Since it uses only that quantity of water which is minimally required, it is a least-cost solution
  • Fixed time flushings, though much cheaper in installation, wastes more water since flushing times may not coincide with the activity

Vandal proof:

  • There is nothing for the user to spoil

Easy installation:

  • Can be done by a local plumber by following our easy-to-follow instructions


Auto-flush systems have the following features:

Auto-Flush Urinal:
  • Smart front panel plate in thick stainless steel, for both flush & surface mounting units
  • Fabricated tough with components machined from extruded brass
  • In-Line water filter which is easily cleanable without dismantling

For Auto-Potto:
  • Body in thick, 16G stainless steel

Common to both:
  • Provision for power back-up through a (two-wheeler) chargeable battery for auto- switch-over in case of power failure; battery on trickle charge during regular power supply

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Product Details:
MaterialBrass, Copper, Stainless Steel
BrandSnap Marketing Private Limited

  • It is a hassle to open-tap-use-water-close-tap specially when you have to do it several times a day and often for duration of a few seconds
  • With auto-taps, just place hands in position-get water-withdraw-flow stops
  • This is often the case in kitchens- domestic or commercial

Improve Hygiene:
  • In public facilities (in hotels, restaurants, offices etc) with many different users, no-touch-auto-start-auto-off reduces the spreading of germs/ Messiness promoting ambient cleanliness
  • Further, Qmat auto taps are designed to deliver water a little away from the edge of the basin so that your hands need not touch the dirty basin

Conserve Water:
  • Unlike manually operated taps that are often left running or partially turned off, even on stand-by (while soaping/shaving/brushing) auto-taps switch off automatically every time after use
  • This ensures that only that much water flows as is needed, saving on expense
  • More important, is the availability of water for your subsequent use, specially during /times of short supply

  • May not be so much in terms of cost of water but certainly in terms of availability in shortage areas/time

Vandal proof:
  • Some people enjoy testing the durability of manual handles, which are especially vulnerable to all kind of abuses
  • Auto-taps have no handles and thus, are free of handle-related vandalism, problems or repairs
  • All Qmat products are made tough (machined from solid brass)

  • With QMAT’s atc model, convert your existing, even designer manual taps, to auto

Easy Installation:
  • Qmats do-it-yourself kits make it very easy for your local plumber to install the unit speedily, without additional electrician help & without any hassle
  • The electronic control box, installed below the basin, is water-protected; the cover is made from ss to prevent rusting
  • They can also auto-switch-over to a battery in case of power failure
  • It also has a manual over-ride

Prevent Messiness and Scalding Injuries:
  • Auto-taps are ideal for children and the elderly
  • They prevent messiness and avoid danger of accidents
  • Some models of QMAT have a provision to pre-set proportion of hot/cold water mix (the maximum temperature should be set on the geyser)

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Ideal Locations: Starred, class hotels (each room). Better homes. USP of this brand: Hair should be dried in lo-flo, lo-temp air stream to minimise damage to hair and scalp. To ensure this, our brand has controlled-heat, enough air-flow and a special temperature-resistant rubber hose to sustain long, leisurely, gentle & safe hair drying. A truly multi-functional, yet durable, dryer, perhaps in the whole world.

  • Usage: As Hair Dryer. One-finger shift air-outlet to use as Hand Dryer
  • Cover: Fibreglass body with full mirror or Stainless Steel body, mirror finish (so you don't need separate mirror)
  • Ideal dressing table/ wash-basin accessory

  • Fibreglass Body, normally painted pearl white (other colours on request)
  • Air Delivery Gun (ADG) made from Teak Wood- for Safety & Style
  • Internal items in powder-coated steel

  • Configuration: Downward air delivery Flick for Hand/ Hair drying
  • Hands Drying Time: average 30 seconds
  • Hair Drying Time: 1- several minutes, depending
  • Air Speed/Quantity: 20 m/sec; 10 litres/sec with ADG: 17 m/sec; 8 litres/sec
  • Temperature rise over ambient: For hand drying:100 degC
  • For safe hair drying: 70 degC
  • Sound Level: About 75 db at 12” from unit
  • Dimensions mm/(inches): 197(7.8)d x 114(4.5)w x 279(11)h
  • Mounting height mm/in: (floor to dryer bottom) Women- 990/39
  • Weight (kg): nett 5.90
  • Power: 220VAC, 60cps, 1-phase 5.5-A, rating-1210 watts.

Special Features:
  • Temperature-Safe: Auto-switch-off if motor jam or overheating
  • Time-Safe: Auto-Shut-off after pre-set duration of use
  • To continue, withdraw hands/ reposition ADG and restart

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  • Foot Pedal operated


  • AWB37


  • Lightweight aluminium, powder-coated for finish and durability
  • Can also be offered in stainless steel, on specific request only, at no additional cost

  • Fully in thick, 16G stainless steel for that straightness and high quality mirror finish. Matt finish also available

Ideal Locations:
  • For all locations where people move about
  • You cannot prevent people littering but you can contain it and maintain a high level of ambient cleanliness
  • For classy Offices, Factories, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals etc, actually

Other Details:
  • Configuration: Removable polybag placed within unit, totally out of view
  • Lid-Cap to be disengaged & lifted for removing/ replacing polybag


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Proper hands cleaning is a 3-step affair- Soaping, Washing and Drying. Usually when one visits a toilet (or washroom) one normally carries outone or more functions. But when an individual’s personal cleanliness and hygiene impacts a production process, as in pharmaceutical, food processing industry, etc then it is imperative that his hands are really clean. When a large group of people are being served food, as in buffets in hotels or in a food bazaar in exhibitions, provision of this facility is equally necessary to offer convenience to users, tidiness of surroundings and a touch(!) of class.

File Size56K512KT1(1.54M)2.0M
500 kb2 minute<1 minute<1 minute<1 minute
1 mb3 minute<1 minute<1 minute<1 minute
5 mb13 minute2 minute<1 minute<1 minute

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  • Qmat Tissue Paper Dispenser

  • Pull-Out C-shaped tissue papers.

  • TD-E

  • Fully in thick, 16G stainless for that straightness and high quality mirror finish
  • Matt finish also available

Ideal Locations:
    • For all locations where people prefer a personalised approach to wiping hands
    • Since you cannot prevent littering you can at least contain it
    • It is, therefore, recommended that you place a QMAT Auto-Waste Bin around to maintain a high level of ambient cleanliness
    • For classy Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals etc

    Special Features:
    • Proper design to allow tissue to split ‘open’ for easy holding and pulling out by user

    Technical Details:

    • Configuration: Front lid opens to allow stacking requisite number of c-shaped tissues, folded portion facing down, into
    • unit
    • (The fold ‘opens’ out for easy pulling by user)
    • Push back the cover and it snaps fit due to the dead weight locking pin
    • Tissue paper: Use C-fold, 1- or 2-ply tissue paper but it should be of absorbent material yet crisp’n’strong to allow easy
    • pull-out without tearing
    • Size (mm/inches): 204(8) x 76(3)


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      Other Details:
      • There are three usual methods of drying hands: Cloth towels
      • Paper tissues
      • Hand Dryers
      • Each ‘industry’ claims that their method gives the best result in terms of hygiene, carrying/ not-carrying germs/bacteria, cost effectiveness etc
      • It is like saying that only breakfast or lunch or dinner is the best meal
      • It is for the buyer (installer) to determine his criteria and determine to meet it by installing one product group exclusively or more, in combo
      • We are, of course, rooting for hand dryers

      1. Cloth Towels.2. Paper Tissues.3. Hand Dryers.
      > Least drying time, few seconds.> Less time (several seconds).> Max time.min 20-30 seconds.
      A Welcome Break! See Below
      > Feeling of pro-active hand drying.
      Can scrub/dry hands thoroughly.
      > Likewise, but hands can be
      ‘petted’ fully dry.
      > Passive drying. Through rubbing/ 1 drying possible but only if used for 1 specified minimum time.

      > Each. towel used by several people;
      transfer of germs highly possible.
      > Since disposable, should be germs-free.> Even if germs could ‘grow’ within dryer
      they will be killed while passing through
      heater. Air temp at exit, 50 - 70 degC
      above ambient temperature.
      Delivers sterilised air for safe drying.
      > Least installation cost.> Low installation cost.> Highest installation cost. Lasts 10+ yrs!
      > Highest running cost
      (Washing, replacement, stocking &
      > High running cost.
      (unnecessary excessive usage.
      cost/ labour for refilling).
      > Negligible running cost, saves money.
      (no labour, no filling).

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