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Bio Tab

Offering you a complete choice of products which include epc1 ai23 anti-insect yellow amber, bio tab and ssb03w stainless steel fixed barrier inground.

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Product Details:
Operating Temperature-15 degC & +50 degC
Recommended Door HeightUpto 12 feet
Thickness+/- 3 mm
Width200 mm
Model NoEPC1 AI23

Ideal solution for anywhere where insects/birds aren't welcome. This medium weight strip prevents the entry of insects, birds and other infestations entering into the premises. Insect proof PVC strip curtain made with a specially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. Suitable for food preparation industries.

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Product Details:
BrandCera, Parryware, Hindware
FeatureEco Friendly
Packaging TypeBox

  • Businesses flush millions of litters of fresh water down the drain and waste thousands of rupees in the process
  • The Bio-Tabs is a preyen system that uses microbial technelogy te assist companies reduce their water and sewerage charges
  • The Bio-Tabs system fer washroom urinals is waterless
  • Using naturally occurring microbes it turns washrooms into a healthier and more hygienic environment
  • The microbes are effective as they naturally disrupt the processes that cause problems with urinals
  • Cenyentienal and chemical responses fail because they address only the symptoms

Why Washrooms Stinks:

  • The source pf odor is not the bowl
  • It is the drain pipe traps causes the odor
  • The source is uric acid deposite in the drain & traps
  • Littering around bowl and floor

Existing Practices:

  • Bowl Cleaning
  • Acl Does not act cm the uric acid
  • Room Fresheners
  • Act as a masking agent
  • Gives temporary effect
  • Naphthalene Balls
  • Act as a masking agent
  • Basic ingredient-PDCB
  • Harmful tn the human being

Problems We Face Regularly:

  • Even after cleaning regularly-washrooms stinks
  • Fats , uric scale & solids build up in traps
  • Routine blockages in the drain pipes
  • Replacement cost for traps

Why Use Biological Tabs:

  • 100% Biodegradable Removes the cause of odors
  • Prevents blocked trap s St pip es
  • Remarkable saving on water bills
  • Suitable for all types of urinals & troughs
  • Safe to use
  • Low Cost
  • No Extra Maintenance
  • Easy Installation ( No special Installation is Required)


  • Made of non-chemical ingredients, composed of specially formulated bacterial cultures
  • Packaged for direct addition to urinals to reduce odors and blockages
  • Contains powerful biological cleaning agents, proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines
  • The bacteria contained in this product are non-pathogenic
  • Suitable for all types of urinals, stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic troughs


  • Bio-Tabs digest organic urine crystals rapidly so keeping urinal drain lines running freely
  • They are perfumed to gH 1 provide a pleasant fragrance in the washroom
  • Unlike traditional urinal blocks, Bio-Tabs do not contain pDCB recognized as being bdt carcinogenic and a water pollutant


  • PDCB is a crystallized gas and only offers masking smell and some insect repellent properties
  • PDCB provides no cleaning efficacy at all
  • PDCB does not dissolve in water
  • PDCB returns to its gaseous state while dissolving into the air when immersed in water it remains static
  • When PDCB blocks get small enough to drop through urinal grating they lodge in the trap and cause blockages

Water Savings:

  • The average urinal waste 101,000 liters Elf fresh water a year
  • Water savings depend EH1 the water control system in the washroom
  • Many wash FDDITIS have no flush control and as a result the urinals flush every few minutes or have water flow
  • Other wash FDDFI15 have a control fitted depending upon how many people use the urinal

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Product Details:
Surface CoatingPolished
Diameter76 mm
Thickness2 mm
Model NoSSB03W
Height1050 mm
Width1200 mm

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